Creating a new kind of financial infrastructure

Eian envisions a world where financial networks are compliant and publicly auditable at all times. Packaged with every asset are rules governing ownership, transferability, and compliance. A network of validators enforces these rules while distributing trust. Imagine a lending platform proving solvency, a fund proving it is investing within its mandate, an investor anonymously demonstrating accreditation, or a regulator using fine-grained auditing keys, all while remaining completely confidential and publicly auditable. In 2019, we reached an agreement with Findora Foundation, to become a cornerstone partner to help build Findora public infrastructure for global financial democracy.


Enabling global compliance

Eian’s public infrastructure simplifies compliance by allowing precise regulations to be attached to pieces of personal data and digital assets, configurable pursuant to local laws. This enables cross-border compliance for financial networks that other global ledgers may violate. Eian not only enables regulators and financial institutions to enforce transactional compliance, but also natively supports cross-border data compliance, such as GDPR, China Banking Financial Institutions Data Governance Guidelines (2018), Singapore Cybersecurity Act 2018, etc.

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Our platform is Bulletproof

The Eian developer toolkit makes use of the latest in privacy-centric cryptography, like Bulletproofs—developed by our team member Benedikt Bünz. These techniques enable groundbreaking and use case-optimized features for smart asset tokens, identity/KYC integration, audits, asset-tracking, compliance-checked transactions, and more.

Developers can build a variety of financial and data services that increase transparency while preserving confidentiality with cryptography. We are enthusiastic in building an ecosystem of co-developers from both the private and public sectors to explore solutions built on Eian.

Build more transparent financial service applications
using eian’s privacy-centric compliance tools

The features list

  • Confidential Asset Transfer


    Use cryptographic commitments to hide the details of a transaction while still enabling the network to confirm its validity.

  • Proofs of Solvency


    Prove that the value of asset-backed tokens held by a fund or exchange exceeds its liabilities while keeping the balance sheet confidential.

  • Proof of Whitelisted Assets


    Prove that the issuer of a confidential asset, such as stock in a hidden company, is whitelisted.

  • Balance Range Proofs


    Use Bulletproofs to show that a confidential account balance or transfer amount falls within a specified range.

  • Confidential Asset Tracer


    Place a hidden tracer on an asset so that the asset issuer (e.g. company issuing equity shares) can track the details of all ownership transfers while they remain confidential to the public.

  • Confidential Multi-Source Payment


    A confidential multi-source payment hides from the recipient the amounts contributed from each source, revealing only the aggregate amount.

  • Capability-Specific Viewing Keys


    Authorized regulators can be provided with viewing keys that do not gain control of user accounts but allow regulators to confirm compliance without the user’s interaction. We enable fine-grained audit keys that selectively reveal only the necessary information.

  • Privacy-Preserving Computation


    Support sealed-bid auctions, fair lotteries, and private order-book matching, where the values of bids and asks are hidden until matched. Replace reliance on trusted operators!

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